Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Over the labor day weekend some friends took us crabbing. It was supposed to be a rainy day but it ended up being beautiful! We caught a ton of crabs but we only kept 6. That night we cooked them up. It was a really fun adventure.

Checking out the trap
Cade really enjoyed seeing the crabs

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

12 Months!

I know I already did a Birthday post but I figure it's his 1st birthday he can have two. So we kept his real birthday low key.

So we started the day by singing Happy Birthday and filling his crib with balloons. He loved it!
We gave him on special helium balloon that he loved to hit.We had family over and some cupcakes. He didn't really like the cupcake he took one bite and then threw it.He loved his presents. I think he had a good day

Texas Birthday!

On August 26th Cade turned 1! I can't believe my baby is 1! He is amazing! Everyday is so much and and he really has one of the happiest and friendliest personalities. He is starting to walk and tells me what he does and does not want. He loves to read and to whack things. He is the best eater, he would rather eat tomatoes than his birthday cake. I can't even fully explain how special and amazing he is. I love him more than words can say and I am so lucky that I am his mother. Cade thanks for teaching me to be a mom!

I actually made the Birthday banner!

I decided Cade needed his own special outfit for his party. So, I made this onesie for him.

So in Texas we decided to throw a big birthday bash! Cade had over 30 people at his first party! We had pizza, fruit, vegetables, soda, and of course cake and ice cream.

We set up a water toy for the little kids.I made Cade's cakes. White and chocolate with butter cream icing. He didn't really care for the cake.He tried to share!And he mostly just through it and dumped it off the plate. He did enjoy the ice cream a little more.My handsome boys.

Wedding, family, and Texas fun!

A couple of weeks ago we made our way down to Texas for my brother Zach's wedding. It was a busy time but we got to spend some time at pools and just hanging out with family.

Here we are at the reception. That's my great aunt Mary behind us. She came all the way down from California at 93 years old. Cade with my brothers.

At one of the many great pools with Adam's sisters.
Enjoying the pool some more.

At the pool with my family.
Reading with Grandma.
My mom and me!
Cade and his cousin Kendall. They were so cute! They even held hands.
Cade loved the piano at my parents house. Hopefully when I make him take lessons one day he will feel the same way.
Cousins Ethan, Alivia, and Cade getting clean!