Thursday, August 26, 2010

2 years

How does time seem to go so fast. Cade's two and so excited about it. He is always on the go but he is such a sweet boy. Right now he is really into motorcycles and guitars (I am a little worried for when he is 16). So we thought a little guitar birthday would be perfect we played pin the pick on the guitar, whacked a guitar pinata, and ate some good food. A perfect little party for a big 2 year old.

Whacking the guitar pinataHe even got his own guitar. Complete with flames.
His birthday cake. ( I thought I did pretty good)

This little boy has brought so much happiness in to our lives. He keeps me on my toes but he is always willing to help and give hugs. He loves his brother, balls, guitars, bikes, anything electronic, books, dancing, music, fire, dogs, the trash truck just to name a few. He is so funny. He likes to share and proceeds to tell me "Cade nice share with Breck". He even mimics Breck and says "Breck said (insert noise that Breck made)". I absolutely love this boy and am so lucky to be his mom. Happy Birthday Big Boy!

Four Months

I can't believe Breck is 4 months old. I remember Cade being a happy baby but I think Breck is even happier. He has been a rolling machine for the last couple of weeks. He is a great sleeper and eater. He loves to watch everyone. He especially loves to watch Cade and instantly smiles when Cade looks at him. It's already so funny to see these 2 boys together. He makes the cutest noises and will try to talk to you. He has the best smile and 3 dimples (one on each cheek and a chin dimple) to go along with it. I think there is nothing better than the first few months of smiles when babies give real smiles, with no teeth changing it yet, their little eyes just light up, and usually there whole body gets into it. Seriously nothing better. We adore having him in our family.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


We have just been hanging out and enjoying life.

Playing ball at the park

Finally getting to experience life facing out.

Going miniature golfing

Enjoying big smiles!

And staying cool! (and warm, the weather here isn't very good).
Hope your summer has been just as fun!