Thursday, June 19, 2008

Horse Racing

So another perk from working at Microsoft is that the different groups have what they call moral events. Alot of times they get to bring a guest so I get to go. This last event we went to Emerald City Downs, horse racing. Of course it was a rainy day but they had a tent and food. When we got there they gave us each a $10 card so that we could bet. They also told us that whoever won the most money on the 4th race would get to stand in the winners circle for race 7. So Adam and I looked at the horses name and each picked one for race 4. Adam ended up winning $35. So we got to stand in the winners circle right behind the jockey while he was being interviewed. Jockeys are really really short. We bet on the other 4 races and ended up winning about $60 by the end of the night. It was a fun experience but only something we would do with others money!The winning horse. Adam in the winners circle

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Hard to believe that my little sister graduated. The family only has 1 more to go. The ceremony was nice and didn't take too long. It's weird to think I graduated from High School 5 years ago. Wow time goes fast. I finished college, gymnastics, am married, and having a baby.

The family

Haleys graduating class
Throwing their hats up. They are finally done.
Proud Mom and Dad!

Baby Shower

I have a great mother and sisters who threw me a baby shower when I was home. We played some fun games and lets just say that I am smaller than I appear to be. They also gave Adam and I some cute suggestions for baby names. The good was great and people were very thoughtful with the gifts. We greatly appreciate it.

Here is the cake. Once again so cute a tasted good.

My beautiful Mother and sisters
Some good friends who even made special arrangments to be there.
My sisters and niece
One of Adams sisters and 2 nieces and a nephew. Possible what our baby will look like.


Adam and I were able to go to Houston. Adam couldn't stay too long but I got to spend lots of time with family. We were really busy the whole time.

Here is Alivia. All dressed up for her 1st Birthday party!

Mom and Birthday Girl
The cake. Looked cute a tasted good as well.
All the girls!