Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Houston Trip

Thanks to my parents Cade and I decided to make a last minute trip down to Texas. Weird to think it is the last time I will go with just one child. The weather was beautiful and it was so much fun just relaxing and visiting with family.

We helped do laundry. Cade loves to watch the clothes wash. He will walk around saying "clothes, wash, wash". I think we did some extra loads just so he could sit and watch. It is seriously so funny. Hopefully he will always like to be so helpful.

My mom got a little dog, she is still a puppy but she won't get much bigger. She is the perfect size for Cade and he loved playing with her. He could even hold the leash and walk her.

We visited cousins.

And we even went to the zoo

It really was a great trip! Thanks mom and dad we had lots of fun!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

18 Months

I can't believe my baby boy is 18 Months. What's even more weird is that in about 2 months I will have another baby boy. Cade is so much fun. He is constantly on the go! He climbs, jumps, throws, runs, he just doesn't do much sitting still. He is interested in everything and loves to help. He is great at throwing things away, helping cook, putting laundry and dishes away. He loves to talk and especially likes to point out every car, bus, bird, and siren (well any noise really). He is still a great eater and loves to try what mom and dad are eating. At the park he loves the swings more than anything else, and could probably sit in it all day. He adores his dad and lights up when he sees him. Cade loves to play hide and seek and he has gotten very into coloring recently. He likes to look and pictures and point out everyone. When we walk in the door to our house he says "home" and gets very excited, it really is the cutest thing. He also very much lets us know when he is done and ready to go, he brings us his shoes, and the diaper bag and starts saying bye. Everyday he amazes me and I feel so blessed that I get the opportunity to teach him and watch him grow.
Learning to scope and pour. (Or just making a really big mess).
Luckily this boy likes baths.
Working like Dad does
Helping clean out the fridge
Telling Cade I was going to take a picture of him.
Who couldn't love this face!
One more of my cheese ball! We sure love him!