Monday, February 16, 2009

Duck Tours and Eating Real Food

I know 2 posts in one day but there are just too many fun pictures to show. Here is Cade eating rice cereal for the first time. He liked it okay but likes it much more now.
Cade wanted to say Thank you to Bopo and Nona for the special mobile from France. He stares at it everynight and sometimes he just has to catch Mother Goose and her geese.

This is what Cade now bathes in. It Quacks. How fun is that. Thanks Aunt Becca for the idea. Sometimes we also us it as a chair so mom can get more done.

Adam likes to take Cade on Duck tours of our place. Literally!

Who needs a pony when you can have your own yellow ducky!

My Baby Boy!

I just couldn't help but post pictures of my adorable boy for all to see. He is so much fun and is usually all smiles! So when we put him to bed he likes to put his legs straight up and then turn to his left side. He almost always does this. So If you look at his hands that blanket right next to them actually has his legs in it resting on the wall.
Feeding the ducks with our friends April and Gavin.

Pictures too CUTE not to post.

I wanted to enter this photo in Regis and Kellys beautiful baby contest but the rules said the child had to be 6 months by January and Cade doesn't hit 6 months till Feb.26 so all of you get to enjoy.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

5 Months

So Cade is 5 months and so much fun. He is so cute and perfect. He is starting to move a bit and loves to sit and can do it all by himself. He is all smiles, makes new noises, and loves to move around especially in his crib. He loves to chew on things, his favorites are books and hands. And he loves his exersaucer.

Here he is at exactly 5 months

5 months and sitting like a pro.

My skinny boy.

He loves to stand and thinks he can do it by himself.
The park
The weather has been cold but the sun has been shining. So we have made effort to go to parks and be outside. Here is Cade and his friend Gavin. Aren't they the cutest boys!

I promise he loved the swings I think he just got a bit cold.
Here's a smile.