Thursday, February 4, 2010

Utah Christmas

For Christmas we went to Park City Utah where my parents were gracious enough to bring the family together. It was alot of fun to have a white Christmas and spend time with family.

This is the cabin we stayed in. It was really nice and had enough room for everyone. We even could go sledding right out side the front door.

We went to tubing. Cade couldn't go on the big hills but we would swing him around and they had a small hill that you could push little kids down. He absolutely loved it!
Cade and Alivia sledding.

We went to the Olympic Museum. The boys bobsledding.
We stayed a couple of days after Christmas and got to see some of Adam's family who came in for Austins wedding.

The Christmas holidays were really fun and busy. We can't wait for next year.

Yes, we are still alive!

Here are a few things that we did in the beginning of December.

Making a Gingerbread house

My parents sent Cade a candy advent calendar. He loved it! Everyday he would come out of his room and say "treat!" Thanks mom and dad.

They have these amazing Christmas lights that they put up at the Bellevue Botanical Garden. It was really neat to see what they could make with just Christmas lights.

We had our own little Christmas before we headed to Utah to be with my family.