Tuesday, March 24, 2009

First tooth and smiles!

So I know this is a lot of pictures but with friends and family so far away I have to show how beautiful my baby boy is. He really is the sunshine of my day, especially here in rainy Seattle. His smile can brighten any room! This is how Cade sleeps most of the time. When he finally does sleep. See his foot on the wall?
We try to take Cade to the park but it is just so cold, thus we usually don't last long.

In the morning we have play time in Mom and Dad's bed.

So, he has a tooth. On his right side on the bottom. YEAH!

He still only scoots around but some how he already gets into everything. It always amazes me how long his arms are and how far he can reach.

SMILES! He is so animated and he really is the happiest boy 97% of the time!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Toys, jumper, shoes, and football

Cade is slowly becoming independent and can play with his toys all by himself at least for a little while. It makes me sad yet happy at the same time.

He really enjoys his exersaucer. He likes to listen to the sounds when he pulls the strings, eat the cellphone, and turn the pages on the book. But we have to watch out because he also likes to do his "buisness" in there. I guess it's the perfect squating position.

I can sit him next to a bucket of toys and he picks them out on by one. It's so cute.

We got a jumper for the doorway and it so fun to watch him jump. He has always loved to jump/ bounce.

When Cade was born my sister- inlaw got him these Pumas. They are adorable and of course were to big. So we tried them on for the first time recently. Still to big but oh so cute. We can't wait till they fit.

There are some Steeler lovers in my family. So my sister helped Cade join in on the celebration. Thanks Becca Cade loves it.

6 Months

My baby boy is 6 Months! He is 27"(70%) and 17lbs (45%). He is getting taller and skinnier. He is tons of fun! He likes to talk, play, jump, and read. He would rather stand and sit then be on his tummy. But he had learned how to move toward toys and are on the sides of him. He loves to wrinkle paper and really loves to open and shut books not to mention eat them. Well really he loves to eat everything. He loves to look, touch, and taste everything. He has such a fun personality. He loves to laugh and smile. You will almost always find him with a big grin. He has found his feet and very much enjoys them. He likes to straddle his legs and keep his feet in the air. Like a turtle that can't roll over.