Thursday, April 30, 2009

Backing up... BEEP...BEEP...

Cade hit the 8 month mark. He is so fun! He is constantly trying to move and to get into things. He still perfers to stand and walk above anything else. He eats with us at the table and loves cheerios and banana puffs more than any other food. He is starting to like drinking water a bit more. He loves to talk and says Dada all the time and it seems he only gets the mmm sound out when he is whining and wants/ needs something. Go figure!

I can't believe how big my baby is getting.

So Cade is always trying to crawl and stand. The only problem is he still seems to really only get the grasp of going backwards, so lately he gets stuck under everything.
Here he is stuck under the couch and not very happy about it.

Once again. Mamama!

I set him on the ground to make dinner and this is what I found a little later. He wasn't too happy till he found the rug.

On another note I took Cade swimming for the first time. Don't worry it was a heated indoor pool. Seriously, I think the water was warmer than his bath water. Here he is waiting to leave for the pool.

We went with Layne and her two cute girls Aniston and Lilly.

Cade is constantly picking up books. He loves to turn the pages and open and shut them.And finally Cade has enough hair to wake up with bed head and it is so cute! I sure love this baby boy!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Late Easter

So on Easter all the grandbabies on my side were in Texas, so we dressed them all up and got some cute pictures. But man was it hard getting all four babies to look at the camera.

Here is Ethan (4 months), Alivia (23 months), Kendall (2 months), Cade (7 months)

Lance and Kendall. Ariel we missed you!

Kendall and Cade
Ethan and Cade

At the Easter Egg hunt with Aunt Becca and Alivia

Deep in the Heart of Texas

So Adam, Cade and I were able to go down to Texas to visit family. We got to do lots of fun things and enjoy the wonderful weather.

Here's Grandma with Ethan
Congrats Chad! We are so happy for you!

Going to the park with cousins

Visiting with the some of the many Callens cousins

Granpa with Alivia and Cade
Just playing

Playing in bouncy houses
Dad and Cade going down the slide!