Monday, August 3, 2009


Last weekend we went on a little trip to Canada. The Seattle heat was getting to us and we thought Victoria sounded a lot better. (I know some of you are saying 110 degrees for a week is nothing, BUT the homes built in this area don't have AIR CONDITIONING, so it's like your sitting in your own oven)!

It's about a 2 hour ferry ride. It wasn't too bad the worst was when some older women came to talk to me and preceded to tell me that I was a bad mother and that my son was going to get some sort of disease for touching the floor on the ferry. All I can say is you try keeping an active 11 month old still for 2 plus hours and see how well that goes. And I know the floor is dirty but how clean do you think the grass or sandbox is at the park.

We went to the beautiful Butchart Gardens. It really is something worth seeing.

In the Japanese Gardens

The Rose GardenThe next day we went to a petting zoo and just enjoyed the nice weather and beautiful scenery.

Here Cade is enjoying petting the baby goats. He really likes animals.
Then we went and fed some ducks. Cade didn't really like when we started throwing the bread to the ducks. Here he is trying to pick it up and eat it before the ducks could get to it.
All in all it was a fun but fast trip.